March 3, 2015

"Kurt I" transcription

Ben Eldridge didn't get a lot of feedback when he offered his transcription of "Kurt I" on the Kurt Rosenwinkel forum. Ben did a really nice job with this one, so I got permission to share it here on the site. "Kurt I" is the second track on disc two from the album "Star of Juipter".


February 27, 2015

"A life unfolds" solo transcription

I came across this transcription from "The Next Step" today. The solo starts at 4:37 (check out the track below). There's a few chords that Kurt plays beneath his soloing, that isn't transcriped. I actually have no idea who did this transcription, but it was found on this Japanese website.

If you like this tune, be sure to check out this great post from 2012.

February 20, 2015

"I'll be seeing you" transcription

Manolo Pereira sent me a transcription for one of my favorite jazz standards "I'll be seeing you". On YouTube Manolo posted a video of himself playing kurts "I'll be seeing you" solo from the Chris Cheek album "I wish I knew".
When I was adding the transcription to the transcription page, I realized that the Jens Larsen already did a transcription of the tune. I'm sharing Manolo's work here anyway since he did such a nice job with be video(s).

  - Download the transcription as .PDF

 Manolo also did a video (and transcription) for, yet another beautiful standard tune, "Skylark".

  - Download the transcription as .PDF

Lesson of the week: Kurt Rosenwinkel's F blues Lick

A lot of people are doing a "Lick of the week" style video on YouTube these days, but only a few does it the right way. I came across Kosmidis today and this lick (or line) sound pretty good. I'm still missing where exactly the lick was taken from and it would have been nice if he had played it with accompaniment.

|F7                     |Bb7                   |F7                      |Cm7     F7        |
|Bb7                   |Bb7                   |F7                      |D7                    | 
|Gm7                 |C7                     |F7        D7          |G7        C7        |