September 16, 2014

Scale Patterns – Accented Exercises

Matt Warnock has written a post about adding melodic accents to scale practice. This excercise is taken from a Rosenwinkel masterclass in Italy. Matt has expanded it a bit, and since he's from Brazil, he has added a Samba beat to the accents and put it in an article as well.

Spice up your scale practice routine by visiting Matt's site.

September 15, 2014

Rosenwinkel II-V-I Licks

NewJazz LicksTV have been transcribing Rosenwinkel II-V-I licks and posted several videos on YouTube. The video-descriptions contains information about where the line is taken from - very nice.

September 10, 2014

Avishai Cohen Trio featuring Kurt Rosenwinkel

Florent Nadaud send me a link to a french radio podcast with the concert Avishai Cohen trio featuring Kurt Rosenwinkel in Paris on the 5. September 2014.
Avishai played the bass on the first Kurt's album "East Coast Love Affair.

- Direct Download (81 Mb)
- Radio podcast link

Avishai Cohen - bass, vocals
Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar
Nitai Hershkovits - piano
Daniel Dor - drums

Giant Steps Solo Transcription

Ludovik Béchard-Tremblay has transcribed Kurts solo over Giant Steps from a live recording at the Givatayim Theater.

As Ludovik's so nicely put's it: "...The audio quality isn't great, but Kurt playing is".